2015 is the Year for a Healthy Environment and Economy

We launched into 2015 with the energy that only a new year can bring. Resolutions started with good intention and perhaps were quick to end. The question is, can we keep our resolutions for the short or long-term?

Many of us made resolutions regarding our health – the gym and yoga studios were packed in January and February and the restaurants and bars were quieter. We even have fun gadgets to track our steps, spins and jumps with graphs, charts and virtual trophies. We were hopeful that our inspiration would last through the cold winter and beyond, as we know that we can enjoy our lives more if we are healthy over the long-term.

The same is true for the relationship between the environment and the economy. We need access to energy, water, food and fiber to support our communities and to build a vibrant global economy.

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Top Environmental Stories of 2014

Check out our Top 10 list of stories that have captured our hearts and minds, in 2014. These are great to keep in mind and follow as we move forward into the election period in 2015, as well as post-election.  

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