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#Budget2023: Analysis & Implications for Environmental Progress in Canada

On March 30, 2023, we hosted our #Budget2023: Analysis & Implications for Environmental Progress in Canada event on Zoom.

“Great lineup - interesting perspectives” (Event Attendee)

Attendees joined us for a high-level overview of the Federal Budget, with our panelists assessing whether key promises from the Fall Economic Statement were met. They also took a look at whether or not the budget lives up to the expectations of environmental advocates and civil society.

Our panelists discussed where the budget landed on key environmental initiatives such as just transition, decarbonization and federal climate action. While considering how the federal budget positions Canada in comparison to our neighbour, given the giant step forward on jobs, climate and energy transformation Congress signaled through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).


Beck has extensive experience conducting and managing research on climate and energy policy, clean growth, and evidence-based decision-making. She has worked in academia, with NGOs, and in the private sector.

Kirkwood's work focuses on the social and economic dimensions of Canada’s shift toward a zero-carbon economy, including the necessity of a just transition for vulnerable workers and communities across the country. His 2021 report Roadmap to a Canadian Just Transition Act has become a touchstone for environmental and labour activism to ensure workers and communities aren’t left behind as Canada makes the transition away from fossil fuels.

Ramkumar has worked as a Sustainability Researcher for the City of Surrey, designed and taught a course on energy, climate science and sustainability for middle school students in her hometown in rural southern India. At Student Energy, Shakti oversees the organization’s strategic communications and digital engagement, and trains youth on policy advocacy and climate communications and is currently developing Student Energy’s emerging research projects within the Policy portfolio.

Dr. Runa Das is an Associate Professor in the College of Interdisciplinary Studies at Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC. Her interdisciplinary research focuses mostly on residential energy use. She is currently working on the study of equitable household energy transition in Canada, which includes study of energy poverty. Das is the current Steering Committee Chair of Women and Inclusivity in Sustainable Energy Research (WISER). In addition to academics, Das has provided consultation to government, environmental, and not-for-profit organizations.


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