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Big news at GreenPAC!

GreenPAC has been a force for environmental change since 2015.

We’ve helped environmental champions win 76 election campaigns, supported organizers across the country to hold almost 200 town halls and debates on the environment, empowered 36 youth leaders with the political knowledge and leadership skills to accelerate environmental change as Parliamentary Interns, and inspired and activated hundreds of advocates to push elected leaders for environmental progress.

Now, after months of planning, we're thrilled to announce the launch of Environmental Leadership Canada (ELC)! ELC, a new registered Canadian charity, is committed to building a fresh wave of environmental leaders and boosting the capacity of everyday Canadians who care about the environment to engage in our democracy and hold elected officials accountable.

This fall, ELC will be taking the reins on educational initiatives like the Parliamentary Internship for the Environment (PIE), 100 Debates on the Environment, Every Day Advocates, and our FLIP events (for Future Leaders in Politics).

Check out ELC’s launch video!

Why the change?

By taking over stewardship of these programs, ELC can now offer tax receipts for donations, something GreenPAC (as a non-profit) hasn’t been able to offer donors whose generous donations have supported these programs to date. The change is also an exciting opportunity for strategic focus and growth!

GreenPAC and ELC share a vision for the environment to be a driving force in Canadian politics, across parties and levels of government, but we'll be employing different tactics to achieve this goal. GreenPAC will continue its nimble strategies, including election endorsements, while ELC focuses on charitable activities like education and capacity building. GreenPAC will also continue to support these charitable programs with the expertise, resources, and foundation that we’ve built in founding them. Some of our team will work separately for both organizations.

This change also offers our supporters a choice:

  • Donations to GreenPAC will fuel our non-profit's readiness for the next election, ensuring environmental leadership stays at the forefront.

  • Tax-deductible donations to ELC will support a new generation of environmental leaders who know how to pull the levers of change and empower all Canadians to push for environmental action.

Stay in the loop by signing up for ELC’s newsletter and following them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN).

We're thrilled about this evolution and grateful for the continued support of our community. We look forward to continuing our work building environmental leadership in politics.


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