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We work year-round to inspire, activate and amplify environmental leadership in politics.

GreenPAC is Canada's only non-partisan, non-profit working to build environmental leadership and political action on the environment.

Our vision is for the health of the planet to be a driving force in Canadian politics, and that means we need to elect officials who champion the environment.

We work in three main ways:


Now in its fifth year, the Parliamentary Internship for the Environment Program is empowering the next generation of environmental leaders by building the political knowledge and leadership skills that participants need for careers as environmental champions.



We raise the capacity of Canadians across the nation to advocate for the environment and hold our elected officials accountable for their commitments through training, resources and events.


Our Independent Expert Panel endorses candidates across all major parties with a track record of environmental leadership so Canadians can help them get elected. We have run successful endorsement campaigns in the Federal (2015, 2019, 2021), Manitoba (2016), B.C. (2017) and Ontario (2018, 2022) elections.

In addition, we hold events for both the general public and future leaders.

GreenPAC is focused on leadership building and does not lobby or take positions on any policy matter.

Any similarities to an American PAC are in name only. When we run endorsement campaigns during elections, we ask Canadians to to pledge their financial and volunteer support directly to candidates’ campaigns. We never pool funds from donors, donate to, or fund any campaigns as an organization. Canada has strict laws on political donations that limit an American-style Political Action Committee from forming in Canada, and GreenPAC adheres to the letter and spirit of these rules.

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