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Vancouver Granville debate organizers during 2019's 100 Debates on the Environment
Attendees during FLIP 2023 Future Leaders in Politics
Soomin Han, Alumni from the Parliamentary Internship for the Environment program, speaking at Breakfast on the Hill 2023

Who We Are

GreenPAC is a Canadian non-partisan, non-profit working to build environmental leadership and political action on the environment.

Our vision is for the health of the planet to be a driving force in Canadian politics, and that means we need to elect officials who champion the environment.

GreenPAC was founded in 2015 with the goal of endorsing candidates from all major parties with a track record of environmental leadership. Over the years, we've endorsed 114 candidates, 76 of whom voters elected.

But we quickly began to grow:

In 2018 we founded the Parliamentary Internship for the Environment program, empowering the next generation of environmental leaders by building the political knowledge and leadership skills that participants need for careers as environmental champions and placing interns with MPs and Senators across all major political parties.

In 2019 we held the first-ever 100 Debates on the Environment, which has supported community groups and organizers across the country to hold almost 200 town halls and all-candidates debates on the environment in two federal and one provincial election.

And since 2021 we've built the knowledge and capacity of hundreds of youth and environmental advocates to engage with politics and hold elected leaders accountable through initiatives like FLIP (Future Leaders in Politics), Every Day Advocates, and educational events that examine the opportunities and barriers to environmental politics.

Our Story

Past Parliamentary Interns for the Environment with Senator Rosa Galvez
Student organizers for ON Debates, 100 Debates on the Environment

These initiatives have a charitable purpose - they educate people about how politics works so they can take part and push for progress and accountability.

 Bringing these programs directly under ELC presents an opportunity for streamlining, strategic focus, and growth, and - critically - this means donations made to these programs are now tax-deductible. GreenPAC is excited to support ELC with the expertise, resources, and foundation that we’ve built in founding these programs.

GreenPAC will continue to use non-charitable tactics like election campaigns and other nimble strategies that drive accountability from elected leaders, and hold regular events for the general public.

GreenPAC is focused on leadership building and does not lobby or take positions on any policy matter.

Environmental Leadership Canada

In 2023, we announced the launch of a new charitable organization, Environmental Leadership Canada (ELC). ELC was founded with the purpose of taking over responsibility for delivering those of GreenPAC's programs that are charitable in nature:

Parliamentary Internship for the Environment (PIE)

100 Debates on the Environment

Every Day Advocates

FLIP Summit (Future Leaders in Politics)

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