How GreenPAC works

GreenPAC is a non-partisan, non-profit organization working to elect and support environmental leaders of all major parties running for office. We have run successful endorsement campaigns in the Federal (2015), Manitoba (2016), B.C. (2017) and Ontario (2018) elections. 

Why was GreenPAC created?

GreenPAC exists to address the most serious challenge the environmental sector faces: translating Canadians’ environmental concerns into political action. We tackle this challenge by channeling Canadians' broad but diffuse support for environmental progress toward the election campaigns of specific environmental champions. Our goal is to recruit, nominate, elect, and support environmental leaders across the political spectrum, from all major political parties.

How are we going to do it?

For the 2015 Federal Election, GreenPAC engaged the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who care deeply about the environment, and who deserve to have their voices represented on Parliament Hill. A panel of independent, non-partisan experts analyzed candidates from all major political parties and endorsed 18 leaders with proven leadership and strong environmental track records ("The Green 18"). Canadians who wanted a stronger voice for the environment in politics were matched to candidates that fit their political views by using a matching tool. Once matched to a candidate, they were invited to pledge their financial and volunteer support to their environmental champion. In the end, our supporters contributed tens of thousands of dollars to our endorsed environmental campaigns, and 14 of the 18 environmental champions were elected to office.

GreenPAC will continue to stand with our endorsed parliamentarians now that they are elected and hold them accountable to their environmental supporters. Our long term plan will encourage and support environmental champions, who want to move the needle forward on environmental issues, to run for political office at all levels.

Why is this necessary?

Environmental leadership is broader than a particular government or political party and it has been too long since there has been any substantial legislative progress. It’s time to level the playing field for political candidates who have demonstrated environmental commitment. Together we can make sure there are electoral rewards for leadership on environmental issues in Canadian politics.


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