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Get Involved

Your donations help mobilize our actions and ensure continued support for our mission of building environmental leadership in Canadian politics.

There are two ways to support the work we do:

1. Make a donation directly to GreenPAC

Donations made directly to GreenPAC support our election endorsements and events. They are not eligible for tax receipts.

Make a


2. Make a donation to Environmental Leadership Canada (ELC)

We partner with ELC to deliver charitable programming like the Parliamentary Internship for the Environment, 100 Debates on the Environment, Every Day Advocates, and more. Donations made to ELC are eligible for tax receipts.

We currently have no open positions. Check back here!

Work With Us

GreenPAC periodically needs volunteers to help with event planning, social media, translation, and candidate research. Please email us at with any volunteering inquiries.


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