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16 GreenPAC-endorsed champions are headed to Parliament

Last night, we saw a confirmation that environment was a ballot-box issue. GreenPAC endorsed 27 environmental leaders from four major parties (and one independent) and we are delighted that 16 GreenPAC-endorsed candidates are on their way to Parliament Hill.

Here’s how our candidates did on election night:

Will Amos​ (L, Pontiac): Won

Taylor Bachrach​ (NDP, Skeena​—Bulkley Valley): Won

Richard Cannings​ (NDP, South Okanagan​—West Kootenay): Won

Michael Chong​ (C, Wellington​—Halton Hills): Won

François Choquette​ (NDP, Drummond): Lost

Terry Duguid (L, Winnipeg South): Won

Kirsty Duncan​ (L, Etobicoke North): Won

Steve Dyck​ (G, Guelph): Lost

Andy Fillmore​ (L, Halifax): Won

Joël Godin​ (C, Portneuf​—Jacques-Cartier): Won

Steven Guilbeault​ (L, Laurier​—Sainte-Marie): Won

Bruce Hyer (G, Thunder Bay—Superior North): Lost

Gord Johns​ (NDP, Courtenay​—Alberni): Won

Anna Keenan​ (G, Malpeque): Lost

Racelle Kooy​ (G, Victoria): Lost

Darcie Lanthier​ (G, Charlottetown): Lost

Larry Maguire​ (C, Brandon​—Souris): Won

Elizabeth May​ (G, Saanich​—Gulf Islands): Won

Dan Mazier​ (C, Dauphin—Swan River—Neepawa): Won

Catherine McKenna​ (L, Ottawa Centre): Won

Gord Miller (G, Parry Sound—Muskoka): Lost

Joyce Murray​ (L, Vancouver Quadra): Won

Joan Phillip​ (NDP, Central Okanagan​—​Similkameen​—​Nicola): Lost

Jane Philpott​ (Ind., Markham​—Stouffville): Lost

Wayne Stetski​ (NDP, Kootenay​—Columbia): Lost

Rudy Turtle​ (NDP, Kenora): Lost

Jonathan Wilkinson (L, North Vancouver): Won


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