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GreenPAC’s FLIP Summit

Join us on Saturday, May 1st, for GreenPAC’s first-ever Future Leaders in Politics (FLIP) Summit!


The FLIP summit will dig into the missing link between a vision for environmental change and change itself. Join us in exploring how effective environmental and climate leadership can be fostered within Canada’s political landscape and systems.

A distinct opportunity

The FLIP Summit offers emerging leaders from all backgrounds and across the country the distinct opportunity to learn from former and current decision-makers from across the political spectrum, GreenPAC interns, and other experts in environmental leadership and politics through a variety of fireside chats, workshops, and panel discussions.

From introductory-level sessions to deep-dives into environmental leadership in Canadian politics

Sessions within the summit will be split into two concurrent streams. The Advocate stream is aimed at those interested in learning how to navigate the political system and legislative process and who the major players are, with topics like “An Introduction to the Political Landscape,” “Strategically Engaging with Decision-makers,” and “How to Make a Jump into Politics.” The Politico stream is for environmentally-minded “partisans” and “policy wonks” who want a focused, deep-dive into topics like “Running for Office,” “Barriers to Environmental Leadership in Office,” and the “Role of the Party Critic.” You’re welcome to join sessions in either streams or mix-and-match.

The virtual summit experience

The FLIP summit will be hosted on a novel, user-friendly platform called Gather, where you can navigate and interact with one another through a virtual conference space, similar to how you would during an in-person conference experience. You’ll receive the link to Gather’s virtual conference space closer to the summit date, and we’ll also share some tips on how Gather works!


General Admission = $50 / Student & Youth Pricing = $30


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