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Use Our Candidate Matching Tool to Bring Evidence to Environmental Decisions

One of the simplest, most powerful requests any environmental advocate can ever make of an elected representative is to fearlessly follow the evidence wherever it takes them.

For several years in Ottawa, scientists would joke bitterly about how an earlier federal focus on “evidence-based policy-making” had been replaced by “policy-based evidence-making”. You’ll get mixed reviews these days on where the federal government stands on that scale. But with some key provincial elections on the calendar for this year, the real opportunity to bring strong environmental advocates to elected office will unfold in Ontario, New Brunswick, and Quebec.

The first of those three votes, where GreenPAC is devoting the most time and resources, takes place in Ontario June 7. And later this month, once we’ve released our campaign endorsements, you’ll be just a couple of clicks away from a simple, effective tool to promote an evidence-based approach to government. Our Candidate Matching Tool is your key to finding the provincial candidate who best aligns with your own environmental and political values.


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