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Manitoba’s Shot at Environmental Leadership

Spring is not only bringing new growth to the land, it’s bringing a new legislature to Manitoba. April will see a Manitoba provincial election, and GreenPAC will be working to help foster environmental leaders running for office.

GreenPAC will be endorsing winnable candidates from across major parties, and in order to do this, we are surveying Manitobans on who they think are the politicians who have shown the most environmental leadership.

We’ll be excited to see environmental champions get elected – the upcoming class of politicians in the legislature have a slough of environmental issues that face the province, including:

  • Food security for Northern communities – Manitoba has implemented some of Canada’s most innovative solutions to the problems that northern communities face in terms of access to nutrition but this problem still remains significant.

  • Lake Winnipeg pollution – Lake Winnipeg is one of Manitoba’s most valuable environmental resources, but it faces great risks. In 2013, it was declared one of the most at-risk lakes in the world.

  • Like the rest of the country, Manitoba has seen economic difficulties from its involvement in the oil industry. Legislators elected this spring will have to make important decisions regarding Manitoba’s resource use, and how to transition to a greener, cleaner economy.

The province of Manitoba has an opportunity to be a leader on environmental issues, and we hope to see a legislature full of environmental leaders come the end of April.

Live in Manitoba? Fill out the survey before March 24th to tell us who you think are the best environmental champions running for office this spring.


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