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7 Ways to Make a Difference: GreenPAC Announces Endorsements for Ontario Election

The Ontario election is just two months away. And today, with the release of our seven endorsements in the provincial campaign, GreenPAC is offering seven ways for you to make a difference in one of the most consequential elections in recent Canadian history.

We’ve endorsed four sitting MPPs and three newcomers across all four major parties—three Liberals, one Progressive Conservative, two New Democrats, and one Green.

Each of our endorsees has an outstanding record of environmental and wider community leadership.

They’ve all shown an ability to work across partisan lines and builder bigger, wider coalitions to get things done.

Now it’s up to you help get them elected.

Fill out our Candidate Matching Tool to identify the endorsed candidate who best aligns with your own environmental values and priorities, then encourage your friends and family, neighbours and colleagues to do the same.

We’re incredibly proud to introduce our list of endorsed candidates for the 2018 Ontario election:


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