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6 Organizations building diversity in politics

Today we want to shine a light on groups across Canada who are working to build diversity in politics. We encourage you to have a look at what they are working on and donate to support their important work:

#1 Operation Black Vote Canada

Operation Black Vote Canada educates, promotes and supports Black Canadians’ participation in Canada’s political process at all levels (government, agencies, boards and commissions) and elected office. Their goal is to provide information to expand the community of Black men and women considering public office and encourage civic engagement in the Black community.

#2 ProudPolitics

ProudPolitics works to diversify the face and voice of Canada’s politics by breaking down barriers for marginalized and under-represented LGBTIQ+ leaders. Their Out To Win program focuses on providing LGBTIQ+ candidates with the support needed to realize their potential, stand proud with their identity, effectively share their ideas to their constituents, and confidently run for public office.

#3 Canadian-Muslim Vote

The Canadian-Muslim Vote aims to educate and mobilize Muslim voters across Canada at all levels of government in a non-partisan way. They also gather information on issues important to the Muslim community and raise awareness of them among political parties.

#4 Action! Chinese Canadians Together Foundation

The ACCT Foundation builds the capacity of Chinese Canadian leaders committed to creating a more equitable society in Canada. They facilitate capacity building programs, host leadership conferences, and provide a platform where work in academia can inform work in the community.

#5 KaursVote

The World Sikh Organization of Canada launched KaursVote to increase Sikh women’s engagement in the political process. They provide education, advocacy training and campaign training, and work to improve accountability of politicians to Sikh women’s issues.

#6 Tamils in Public Service

TiPS’ mission is to actively support the growth of Canadian Tamil public service professionals through establishing a trusted, non-partisan forum for Tamil public servants to connect. They support leadership development opportunities to foster a more diverse and inclusive public service, and participate in mentorship opportunities.


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