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13 Environmental Questions for #Elxn42 Candidates

This election, we’ve endorsed the “Green 18” — 18 candidates from all major parties with strong environmental track records. We’ve been asking Canadians to back a citizen-led call for environmental leadership in Parliament by making campaign donations to these candidates — all of whom were judged to be in winnable races — or by offering to volunteer on their campaigns. It’s been wonderful to see Canadians rally behind this push for environmental leadership, and the need for our support for campaigns is crucial in these last two weeks before October 19th.

Banding together

Part of the problem in Canada is that with our first-past-the-post system, there aren’t necessarily strong environmental candidates in each riding. And while our campaign is trying to focus the broad support for environmental action in Canada on 18 key races, a number of people have asked us what they can do to encourage environmental leadership in their own riding.

Questions for your local candidates

That’s why we wanted to share a great resource put together by our friends at Alternatives Journal.

A\J contributor Andrew Reeves put together 13 Essential Questions for Election Candidates, which features key areas needing action, including decarbonizing Canada, protecting species and forests, promoting food security, supporting sustainability in our cities, and improving transportation.

We hope Canadians will join us in working to build urgently-needed environmental leadership in Canada. Tell local candidates about your environmental priorities, and on the national level, please consider supporting one of our Green 18 candidates.


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