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MP Spotlight: What have your environmental champions been up to?

By Kate Belmore

Before the 2015 federal election, we released 18 candidates endorsements from across the political spectrum. We looked for candidates that had a proven track record of leading on environmental initiatives and moving the needle forward on environmental issues. We’ve since been tracking the 14 endorsed MPs that were elected and want to share what they’ve been up to recently.

Note: these are not our endorsements for the 2019 federal election; those will be released later in the summer.

Will Amos, Liberal – As a member of the environment committee, Will has been studying how to reduce emissions in the forestry, agriculture and waste sectors. The Committee recently released a report and set of recommendations for the government on how to encourage this leadership.

Richard Cannings, NDP – Richard’s bill C-354 is due to go to committee on June 6th. If passed, it would require that the Minister of Public Works measures the greenhouse gas impacts of building materials before constructing federal government infrastructure.

Michael Chong, Conservative – Michael continues to be involved with the All-Party Climate Change Caucus and is currently working to build a strong environment plank in the Conservative party platform. He continues to argue that no party can win the election without a strong commitment to protecting Canada’s environment.

Nathan Cullen, NDP – In response to Canada’s growing plastic crisis, Nathan has been working to garner support for his Zero Waste Packaging Act, which would require that all packaging material for consumer products is recyclable or compostable.

Linda Duncan, NDP – Linda introduced a bill that calls for an Environmental Bill of Rights, which would ensure every person living in Canada has the right to a healthy and ecologically balanced environment. She also introduced a motion (M204) to make emission targets legally binding and establish a commission to advise, audit and report on meeting targets.

Elizabeth May, Green – Elizabeth continues to keep climate change front of mind across the country by tirelessly writing articles, speaking at universities, knocking on doors and attending climate strikes.

Joyce Murray, Liberal – After championing the development of the Centre for Greening Government, Joyce is now in a position to advocate for strong, smart environmental measures in her new role as President of the Treasury Board.

We’re proud of our endorsed MPs. If you like what they’re doing, tweet them a message of support – thank them and let them know that environmental work should continue to be a priority. If you know of other MPs that are doing good work, let us know. You can tweet at us at or email us at With hope,

The GreenPAC Team


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