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Ami Gagné

Director, Parliamentary Internship for the Environment

Ami (she/her/elle)’s passion for the environment began when she was very young, thanks to her mother, who has been advocating against the use of harmful chemicals and educating others about the negative impacts of plastic on our planet. One of her earliest memory is canvassing door-to-door to discuss the harmful effects of pesticides (and the benefits of growing dandelions) in her neighbourhood.

She proudly carries her Japanese, French-Canadian and Métis ancestry and centers her work around the understandings of positionality, power and privileges. Ami is the Director of Decolonization at Re_Generation, Board Director and Chair of the Youth Engagement Committee at Green Communities Canada and a mentor for UNA-C’s BYE Program. Before joining GreenPAC, Ami had previously worked across Canada in environmental education, project implementation in the sustainable waste industry, and policy work for migratory bird protection. Empathetic leader, storyteller and environmentalist - Ami devotes her time to become a good ancestor, making the world a just, better and greener place.

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