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Ted Hsu is a scientist, community leader, sustainable energy champion and former federal politician. As federal MP from 2011 to 2015, Ted served as shadow minister for Science and Technology, Economic Development - Ontario, Natural Resources and Post-secondary education, and was an active voice for science and research, innovation and renewable energy. He led a national advocacy campaign and introduced a private members’ bill for the return of the long-form census. Ted has long been involved, as Executive Director and more recently as a Board Director, with SWITCH, a local sustainable energy association which promotes and advocates for local job creation, green economic growth and the transition away from fossil fuels. Ted served as member and then Co-Chair of Kingston Environmental Advisory Forum from 2007 to 2010, advising the City Council on environmental matters, and authored Kingston’s first longitudinal (2000-2006) GHG inventory. He holds a PhD in Physics from Princeton University.

Ted Hsu

Kingston and the Islands
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