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Mike Schreiner has been leader of the Ontario Green Party since 2009 and an MPP since 2018. He is a constant voice for environmental action, including introducing a bill to cap Ontario’s carbon emissions; proposing to create a mandatory government report on yearly emissions’ numbers; working to protect drinking water in his riding and surrounding watersheds; advocating to end sprawl by freezing urban boundaries; calling for a moratorium on gravel mining permits, advocating for government action to address the financial and human costs of climate inaction, and working across party lines to advance environmental solutions. He has also served on the boards of FarmStart, Green Enterprise Ontario, and the Toronto Food Policy Council, as well as the Rotary Guelph Environment Committee. In his earlier career, he founded two organic food businesses and co-founded Local Food Plus, a non-profit that championed local sustainable food.

Mike Schreiner

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