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Phil De Luna (Green, Toronto-St. Paul’s) has worked primarily on strategic clean energy policies, conducting a wide array of research over the years to explore clean energy and other technological approaches to addressing climate change. Since February 2019, he has served as a Director at the National Research Council of Canada, working at the intersection of public, private, and academic sectors to develop impactful, science-backed climate change solutions. This includes developing a 7-year, $57M collaborative research program on Canadian clean energy technology, and the advancement of transformative technologies helping to achieve national net-zero emissions by 2050. His role as Vice-Chair on the Board of Directors at Carbon Management Canada demonstrates his expertise in clean energy development. He has been involved in numerous organizations aiming to explore cleantech solutions and provide policy recommendations. As the recipient of prestigious accolades — being named one of Forbers’ Top 30 Under 30 in 2019 for Energy and a Clean50 Emerging Leader in 2021 — his entrepreneurial capabilities and clean energy knowledge has garnered recent, widespread recognition.

Phil De Luna

Toronto—St. Paul's
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