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Michael Chong (Conservative, Wellington-Halton Hills) has been a Member of Parliament since 2004, advancing climate change discussions in his party ever since. He supported the Kyoto Protocol in 2004 despite his party’s opposition, and worked within it to change their position in favour of the Protocol in 2006. He worked with various orders of government and with his federal colleagues to help establish a new national park in the GTA, Rouge Urban National Park. He co-founded the All-Party Climate Caucus in 2011 with Green Party leader Elizabeth May, which regularly brings together MPs from all parties to collaborate on climate initiatives. He has demonstrated interest in improving policies to protect Canada’s Great Lakes. In the 43rd Parliament, Chong called on the federal government to increase funding for the Great Lakes Fishery Commission and shift the Commission's responsibility from Fisheries and Oceans Canada to Global Affairs Canada to give it higher priority. In the 2017 Conservative leadership race, he presented an ambitious plan to address climate change, advocating for economic policy that would reduce emissions and encourage economic growth through a revenue-neutral carbon tax. Chong currently serves as Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, strengthening climate policy’s presence in Canadian foreign policy.

Michael Chong

Wellington—Halton Hills
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