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Joyce Murray (Liberal, Vancouver Quadra) co-founded an international reforestation company that has planted 1.5 billion trees. Entering provincial politics in 2000, Murray served as BC’s Minister of Water, Land and Air Protection, where she introduced BC’s first regulation-making producers responsible for recycling or disposal of their products. She further implemented ground-water protection regulations and set the foundation for BC’s climate plan. Murray was elected as an MP in 2008, and led the Liberal initiative to ban oil tankers from Canada’s Pacific North Coast with her Bill C-606, and organized an international conference on Climate Change, Security & Defence. As a Parliamentary Secretary, Murray oversaw the development of the federal Centre for Greening Government. Her 2017 work on “climate compliant infrastructure” encouraged federal infrastructure funding to take GHG emissions into account. She also led consultations on reducing Marine Debris, which informed Canada’s leadership at the G7 and the Canada-wide Strategy on Zero Plastic Waste. As Minister of Digital Government, she implemented an initiative to reduce the environmental impacts of the government's IT infrastructure.

Joyce Murray

Vancouver Quadra
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