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Elizabeth May (Green, Saanich-Gulf Islands) has been an environmental champion her whole life. She is widely recognized for her voice on major local and national environmental issues past and present, from herbicide use to acid rain to climate change. From 1986-1988, she served as Senior Policy Advisor to the federal Minister of the Environment, establishing federal-provincial and US-Canada environmental agreements. She served as Executive Director of the Sierra Club of Canada from 1989-2006. An MP since 2011, May has worked tirelessly to pursue environmental and climate progress in Parliament, presenting hundreds of amendments to strengthen environmental legislation and helping to move Canada to embrace a 1.5-degree target at COP21. May co-founded the All-Party Climate Caucus to advance cross-party collaboration on the climate crisis. She also serves as co-convener of Global Greens Parliamentarians, championing environmental issues worldwide.

Elizabeth May

Saanich—Gulf Islands
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