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Darcie Lanthier is a staunch advocate for renewable energy and has worked for years to make homes and workplaces more sustainable. After training as an energy systems technologist, Lanthier worked as an Energy Auditor for the City of Charlottetown to evaluate current energy use, research opportunities to reduce energy consumption and facilitate the transition to newer, more efficient equipment. She later started working with Renewable Lifestyles Inc., where she designed, specified and sold residential solar installations in PEI.

Lanthier is active in various environmental groups in her community, including the Green Economy Network, the Coalition for the Protection of PEI Water, the Voluntary Resource Council and Pesticide Free PEI, where she worked to establish cosmetic pesticide bans in many local municipalities. She is a founding member of the PEI Food Exchange, which organizes distributing non-commercial crops on organic farms to families and service agencies.

Darcie Lanthier

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