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Bruce Hyer is a lifelong environmental champion passionate about conservation, halting pollution and promoting climate action. He has worked throughout North America on pesticide research and regulation, first helping to ban DDT in the US as a Senior Environmental Analyst, and then later in Canada as a researcher for Pollution Probe and member of the Pesticides Action Committee. Bruce earned the Conservation Trophy from Ontario Nature and the “Eco-Olympian Gold” from the Sierra Club for his essential role in winning protection for Wabakimi Provincial Park, the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area, and numerous other wilderness areas.

In Thunder Bay—Superior North, Hyer was elected twice as an NDP MP prior to crossing the floor to join the Green Party in 2011. As an MP, he tabled Bill C-311, the Climate Change Accountability Act, to ensure that Canada would meet its global climate change obligations.

Bruce Hyer

Thunder Bay—Superior North
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