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Andy Fillmore has had a long career in urban planning, working first in Boston and Maine, and then moving to Halifax in the early 2000s to work for the Sustainable Environment Management Office. In this role he directed energy and sustainability programs, including work on invasive species management, pesticide bylaws, water quality monitoring and maintenance, the Alderney Five geothermal energy project and banning plastic water bottles at City Hall. Fillmore is the founding Vice President of the Council for Canadian Urbanism (CanU), a national organization dedicated to improving city-building practices, research, and education in order to create healthy, sustainable and livable cities and communities across Canada.

Since being elected MP in 2015, Fillmore has joined the All-Party Climate Change Caucus and helped organize a conference and town hall on climate change. His first private member’s motion called for greenhouse gas analyses of government infrastructure, which passed with multi-party support in the fall of 2016.

Andy Fillmore

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