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Romeo Saganash has spent decades pushing for a safe, sustainable Canada that respects the environment and the role that Aboriginal peoples play in its conservation. He has served as vice-chair of the Cree Regional Authority, chair of the James Bay Advisory Committee on the Environment, and NDP Deputy Critic for Intergovernmental Aboriginal Affairs. He was a principal author of La Paix des Braves, the landmark agreement between the James Bay Cree and the Government of Quebec, that allowed the Cree to approve, manage and profit from development on their traditional lands. He is a vocal advocate for increased carbon pricing, renewable energy, a national energy strategy, protection of endangered species, and federal monitoring of environmental toxins in the water, ground and air. He currently serves as vice-chair of the Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs.

Romeo Saganash

Abitibi - Baie-James - Nunavik - Eeyou
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