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Are you a young person interested in opportunities to advance meaningful environmental action? Join us for a FREE panel discussion on May 31st!

This online panel discussion features four panelists from different youth advisory councils across levels, sectors, and regions in Canada to share their experiences as council members and environmental activists.

Panelists will share personal stories of their involvement in advisory councils and how they contribute to environmental advocacy through their roles. The roundtable discussion will explore the usefulness and meaningfulness of youth advisory councils and how young people can better participate in them.

This panel discussion is a partnership between GreenPACthe Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity and Sustainable Youth Canada is part of GreenPAC's third annual Future Leaders in Politics (FLIP) Summit. FLIP connects and builds the political capacity of environmentally-engaged youth. This year, the Summit will consist of several events & workshops taking place throughout Spring 2023.



Abhay Singh Sachal

Member of the Environment and Climate Change Canada Youth Council + UNEP Faith for Earth Youth Council


Annie Martel

Chair of the Province of Manitoba's Youth Advisory Council


Haruka Aoyama

Member of the Canadian council for Youth Prosperity (CCYP)


Skw'akw'as (Sunshine) Dunstan-Moore

Co-Chair of the Environment and Climate Change Canada Youth Council + Member of the Youth Advisory Group with the Canadian Commission of UNESCO


Shir Gruber (Moderator)

Member of Natural Resources Canada's Youth Council + National Co-Director of Sustainable Youth Canada

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