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Join GreenPAC at the Political Pre-game Party!

Friday nights were designed for exactly three things: good drinks, good music and good vibes! In celebration and support of GreenPAC, join us at 8:00pm on Friday, October 16th at The Cameron House (408 Queen St. W., Toronto) to hang out and enjoy a night of live music by talented musicians Fried Up Fred & Co. and Derek Fawcett.

Fried up Fred & Co. is fronted by Andrew Heintzman, president and co-founder of Investeco Capital, and was the chair of the Premier’s Climate Change Advisory Panel for the province of Ontario from 2008 to 2012. Andrew is also a published author of The New Entrepreneurs: Building a Green Economy for the Future and co-author of Fueling the Future, Feeding the Future, and Food and Fuel.

With the upcoming Federal election, GreenPAC wants to bring together a network of like-minded eco-conscious citizens to celebrate their Green 18 candidates: a list of political potentials that have been carefully selected by GreenPAC’s panel of experts as having Canada’s environmental policy as a top priority.

So come and join our green community and get into the political pre-game with great beer and music. Cover is $15 at the door (there are no online tickets), and includes a chance to win one of five free prize-pack giveaways! For those of you outside of Toronto, you can still show your support by clicking here to find your Green 18 match.

For more details, please visit our Facebook event page.


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