Ontario Election 2018

GreenPAC is excited to seek out, endorse, and support environmental champions from all major political parties running in the 2018 Ontario provincial election. Check this page for updates on the campaign. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter and sign up for our e-newsletter for exciting campaign announcements.

Current Phase of the Campaign: Research

We're currently identifying candidates that have long, strong histories of environmental leadership and can win in their riding. Our research started in August 2017 and will continue into March 2018. Do you want to help us? There are three things you can do:

1) Fill out a nomination form.

Are you a candidate running for office and an environmental leader? Fill out our nomination form before February 17th to be considered for endorsement.

2) Recommend a candidate.

Which candidate would you recommend as a strong, winnable environmental champion? Let us know

3) Join our research team.

Our amazing volunteer team completes online research on three candidates per week. If you're interesting in learning more or starting with us, see our volunteer page

Candidates we've endorsed in past elections:

greenpac_candidates-min.jpg Manitoba_candidates-min.png BC_election_candidates-min.png