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Together, we'll not only write impactful letters to our elected officials, but also take part in a joint-statement that outlines what true environmental leadership should look like. By joining this collective movement, you'll not only make a difference at the individual level, but also become part of a larger effort to protect our planet.

This workshop is a partnership between GreenPACYouth Climate Lab and is part of GreenPAC's third annual Future Leaders in Politics (FLIP) Summit. FLIP connects and builds the political capacity of environmentally-engaged youth. This year, the Summit will consist of several events & workshops taking place throughout Spring 2023.


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The single son of a single mom, Jonathan was raised in poorer suburbs of Montreal. An early understanding of how privileged he was to be born Canadian impacted everything he later set about to do. For Jonathan, privilege comes with immense responsibilities. And he is one to take responsibility seriously.

At age 17, Jonathan smuggled himself into Darfur in the back of a pick-up truck filled with rebels to document this deadly rights and environmental crisis for a CBC/Radio-Canada documentary. Over the next fifteen years, Jonathan worked to report on crises throughout the world and advocate for greater accountability and global social justice.

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