Kelly Mitchell

Business leader and consultant

Kelly Mitchell is a business leader that operates companies across Canada.  Kelly believes in practical environmental solutions that people across Canada can easily adopt.
Kelly works with a fantastic team in trying to create low carbon communities, by incorporating local skills and using wasted energy to help generate capital funds for projects that are focused on educating our young people and in turn, learning from them on the importance of protecting our environment.
Kelly is the President of a number of companies focused on government relations, communications, strategic advice and municipal services.
Kelly is a former professional forester, having graduated with an HBSc in Forestry from Lakehead University, a fantastic university in Northern Ontario.  Kelly was a Senior Policy Advisor Chief of Staff to the Minister of Natural Resources.  During that time, Ontario completed the Living Legacy program which produced the largest increase in provincial parks in Ontario’s history. 
Kelly has been appointed to two governmental transition teams because of his leadership and extensive understanding on how governments function.  He has had senior roles in federal, provincial and municipal elections and political leadership races.