GreenPAC Parliamentary Internship for the Environment


The GreenPAC Parliamentary Internship for the Environment, with support from the Sustainability Networkoffers young leaders (aged 18-30) the chance to gain invaluable training and experience from Canada’s top environmental champions on Parliament Hill. The program runs from September 2019 to June 2020, and includes a monthly stipend of $2,500.

For the first few months of the program, interns will be involved in a national, non-partisan public engagement strategy in the lead up to the 2019 federal election – one of the most exciting times in politics. From January to June, each intern will be placed full-time in the Parliament Hill office of a Member of Parliament (MP) who has a proven record of environmental leadership. Reflecting GreenPAC’s commitment to nonpartisanship, host MPs come from across the political spectrum and from every major political party. During this time, interns will gain a deep, day-to-day understanding of the federal government, becoming well-versed in policy research, legislative affairs, communications and constituency work while also supporting Ottawa’s strongest champions for the environment. Outside the office, interns will meet leaders from the nonprofit and business sectors, attend exclusive events and take part in a broad range of leadership development programming.

As change comes in many forms, GreenPAC welcomes applications from young leaders no matter their level or type of education. We particularly encourage individuals who self-identify as female, LGBTQ+, Indigenous, a person of colour, or having a disability to apply. GreenPAC is committed to equity and inclusion in all stages of its selection process. If you have any questions or require reasonable accommodations during the application process, please contact prior to the application deadline.

As of September 2019, applicants must be:

  • Between the ages of 18-30
  • Eligible to work in Canada

Selection criteria:

  • Demonstrated leadership and passion for the environment through educational, employment and/or extra-curricular activities related to the environment
  • Community and/or political engagement
  • Involvement in Canadian political parties is considered an asset, but not required
  • Bilingualism in French and English is considered an asset, but not required

Applications are now closed for the 2019-2020 GreenPAC Parliamentary Internship for the Environment. Thank you to everyone who applied. We will be contacting short-listed candidates in April, with the final selection being made by early summer. 


Internship FAQ

What is GreenPAC’s Parliamentary Internship for the Environment?

GreenPAC’s Parliamentary Internship for the Environment is a leadership development program for environmental champions, aged 18-30, in which successful applicants work full-time for nine months in the Parliament Hill office of a Member of Parliament (MP) who has a proven record of environmental commitment. Interns gain hands on experience in the policymaking process, as well as participate in unique networking opportunities, social events and regular leadership development programming. Due to the 2019 federal election, interns in the 2019-2020 cohort will spend two months involved in a national, nonpartisan public engagement campaign and seven months working on Parliament Hill.

How are GreenPAC Parliamentary Interns selected?

Prospective applicants complete an application form (available in English and French on our website), which includes a copy of your CV or resume and two writing samples. Applications are reviewed by our team and shortlisted candidates are interviewed in their preference of English or French. We also speak to three references, the contact information for whom should be included in your application.

Our criteria for selecting interns includes: demonstrated interest in and passion for the environment, leadership experience, community and/or political engagement, and strong oral and written communication skills. Involvement in Canadian political parties and bilingualism in French and English are considered assets but not required. We welcome interns from a range of disciplines and backgrounds, including but not limited to environmental science, business, indigenous studies, and public policy, and provide training for those unfamiliar with Parliamentary procedure. As GreenPAC is committed to equality and inclusion, we particularly encourage individuals who self-identify as female, LGBTQ2+, Indigenous, a person of colour, or having a disability to apply, as well as individuals from rural and/or northern communities.

What can I expect as a GreenPAC Intern?

The Parliamentary Internship for the Environment is an intensive program! Along with working full-time (37-40 hours/week), interns are expected to attend regularly scheduled leadership development programming, workshops, and events, including an orientation camping trip and a spring retreat. These may take place on evenings and weekends, and attendance is generally mandatory. Interns can also expect to participate in fun social activities, field trips, group projects, and leadership opportunities. It’s a lot, but you will be supported by the Program Coordinator, your office, and your peers along the way. Following the program, interns can expect to remain in touch and supported through an Alumni Network, and support future interns in a mentoring capacity.

What does a typical day look like in an MP’s office?

Interns’ experiences vary between offices and can change quickly depending on what’s happening in government. A typical work day for interns could include communications work, conducting research, constituency outreach, Parliamentary Committee work, assisting on Private Members’ Bills or legislative amendments, special projects, and attending events with their MP on and off the Hill. We work with host MPs to ensure interns have a range of learning opportunities. Some administrative work is expected of all interns.

Will I get paid during the GreenPAC Parliamentary Internship for the Environment?

Yes, all interns receive a monthly stipend of $2,500 to help cover living expenses.

Do I need to be a university student or graduate to apply?

No. GreenPAC’s Parliamentary Internship is unique in that we believe leadership can take many forms – there is NO educational prerequisite. While we include educational accomplishments in our selection criteria, we also consider applicants’ other experiences and accomplishments. Interns should be equipped to work in a fast-paced environment that requires a high level of reading comprehension and writing skills

I will still be in school next year – can I apply?

We welcome applicants regardless of where they are in their education; however, students in the process of completing a degree, diploma or certificate program may find it difficult to carry on academic pursuits concurrently with the program, due to the sometimes rigorous requirements of the Parliamentary Internship for the Environment."

Can I do the program part-time?

No, the program is structured to be full-time in Ottawa. 

Do I need to be a member of a political party?

Political engagement is considered when selecting and placing interns, but no membership or involvement in a political party is required.

I applied for the GreenPAC Parliamentary Internship for the Environment last year. Can I apply again?

Yes! Feel free to mention this in your application, too.

Do I have to be a Canadian citizen to apply?

No, the GreenPAC Parliamentary Internship is open to anyone, ages 18-30, who is eligible to work full-time in Canada during the duration of the program (September 2019-June 2020). Please note that GreenPAC is unable to accept applicants who do not have permission to work full-time in Canada and cannot assist you in obtaining a work permit.

Do I need to be bilingual in French and English?

No, although it’s an asset. Please note that GreenPAC’s operating language is English and internship programming is primarily conducted in English.

Which MP will I work with? Do I get to choose?

Host MPs come from every major political party and across the political spectrum. While we take into account interns’ party preferences and/or party membership when selecting placements, interns do not get to choose their MP.

What will I gain from this program?

Invaluable experience, in-depth exposure to politics and decision making in Canada, leadership skills, personalized professional development training, incredible networking opportunities, access to expert guest speakers and sector leaders, a deeper understanding of environmental issues and their solutions, and much more!

The Parliamentary Internship is made possible thanks to the generous support from:

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