Expert Panel

GreenPAC's expert panel is a diverse group of environmental experts from across the country. They have developed criteria that will be used to name political candidates who have demonstrated their environmental leadership. For provincial elections, we add highly-knowledgeable regional guest experts to help make candidate endorsements. 

Current members of the Expert Panel include:

Valérie Courtois

Forester and Specialist in Ecosystem Planning and Aboriginal Issues, former Environmental Planner for the Innu Nation

Lynda Collins

Co-Director of the Centre for Environmental Law and Global Sustainability at the University of Ottawa

Nancy Olewiler

Economist and Professor of Public Policy in the School of Public Policy, Simon Fraser University

David Runnalls

Fellow of Sustainable Prosperity and Visiting Professor at the Institute for the Environment, University of Ottawa

Jeffrey Hutchings

Former Chair of COSEWIC and Faculty of Science Killam Professor, Dalhousie University

Sandra Odendahl

President and CEO of CMC Research Institutes

Ken Ogilvie

Engineer and MBA, environmental consultant and former Executive Director of Pollution Probe and the Ontario Round Table on the Environment and the Economy