Fundraising Bottle Drive


Toronto, we're collecting your empties on May 31!

On Sunday, May 31, GreenPAC will be collecting your empty wine, beer, and liquor containers and returning them to the Beer Store. All proceeds from the returns will fund our work to build environmental leadership in politics. Note: we've reached capacity and are no longer accepting new pick-ups, but if you'd like to return your empties directly to our Roncesvalles drop-off, let us know below.


Fundraising Bottle Drive FAQ

How do I participate?

Thanks for your interest! We've hit capacity and are no longer accepting new pick-ups, but if you'd like to return your empties to our drop-off point in Roncesvalles, let us know here or email us at 

When will you be picking up my empties?

On Sunday, May 31, we'll be doing contact-free pick-up all morning and afternoon across Toronto. We ask that you leave your empties out at 10am to ensure we don't miss you. 

Can I volunteer?

Yes! We're still looking for volunteers in the Toronto area to help with bottle pick-up. If you're interested, please email us at or phone us at 647-496-1975 to sign up to volunteer. 

Which empties will you accept?

We'll accept any emptied and rinsed wine, beer, or liquor containers. We won't be accepting broken or half-full bottles, or any packaging for non-alcoholic drinks (juice, pop, near alcohol, etc.). Crushed beer cans will be accepted. 

Who will come around for pick up on May 31?

GreenPAC board and volunteers will be picking up bottles on May 31. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we'll be wearing masks and gloves during pick-up, and you won't be expected to interact with us.  

I don't have any empties, how can I support you?

If you'd still like to support us, please consider giving $5 so we can continue our work. You can donate online here.