Canada’s new cabinet promises environmental leadership across multiple ministries

Statement by Aaron Freeman

TORONTO - The new cabinet named by Prime Minister Trudeau yesterday has exciting potential for environmental leadership.

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Reimagining Citizen Action Post-Election

As a 20-year-old, October 19th was the first time I could cast a ballot in a federal election. I had been waiting years for this, and contrary to the image usually ascribed to young voters, I was surrounded by peers who also valued and exercised their right to vote. This election was sold to us as historic, and arguably it was. Thanks to organizations like GreenPAC, climate was a made a top election issue, voter turnout was the highest it has been in my entire lifetime, and the election resulted in sweeping change. However, the morning after the election there came a strange ‘calm after the storm’ feeling. The event was over, the voter mobilization done, and anyone whose favourite candidate lost, who wasn’t happy with the results, or who felt the wave of change had subsided, muttered a “next time.” But if you ask me, waiting four years to exercise your citizenship to advocate for change is far too long.

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Look what we’ve accomplished, together

We want to say a sincere thank you to all of you who supported GreenPAC’s campaign to make the environment a political priority in Canada this federal election. Seven months ago, we set out to change federal politics by encouraging Canadians to support environmental champions running for office, and help get them elected.

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Which Canada Will You Send to the Climate Talks in Paris This December?

As a child, I was terrified of the water. Rivers could whisk you away. Lakes housed slimy creatures that reached up from the blackness to grasp your ankles. Oceans threatened their entrants with incomprehensive depth and sharp-toothed swimmers waiting to eat you. Or so I believed. I dropped out of swimming lessons when I was 6 years old because I couldn’t shake the thought that Jaws was lingering in the deep end. Growing up in the suburbs, I didn’t have much opportunity to overcome this fear. My family didn’t hike. We didn’t go camping. We didn’t have a cottage. Nature and I were worlds apart.

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13 Environmental Questions for #Elxn42 Candidates

This election, we've endorsed the "Green 18" — 18 candidates from all major parties with strong environmental track records. We've been asking Canadians to back a citizen-led call for environmental leadership in Parliament by making campaign donations to these candidates — all of whom were judged to be in winnable races — or by offering to volunteer on their campaigns. It's been wonderful to see Canadians rally behind this push for environmental leadership, and the need for our support for campaigns is crucial in these last two weeks before October 19th. 
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Thinking Big About Climate: The Most Important Steps for Municipalities

With a federal election upon us and a make-or-break global climate change conference just 2½ months away in Paris, the clock is ticking for Canada’s cities to boost their influence and advance meaningful climate change solutions.

But they’ll only be able to rise to the challenge if more of them start thinking big.

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Join GreenPAC at the Political Pre-game Party!

Friday nights were designed for exactly three things: good drinks, good music and good vibes! In celebration and support of GreenPAC, join us at 8:00pm on Friday, October 16th at The Cameron House (408 Queen St. W., Toronto) to hang out and enjoy a night of live music by talented musicians Fried Up Fred & Co. and Derek Fawcett.

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Carbon Pricing Alone Won’t Deliver the Climate Mobilization We Need

There’s a troubling subtext in the flurry of recent support for carbon pricing: the assumption, stated or implied, that all we have to do to rein in Canada’s soaring greenhouse gas emissions is nudge the markets to solve the problem.

It isn’t that pricing isn’t a part of a wider suite of solutions. But if we really expect to reduce the country’s carbon pollution by at least 80%, no later than 2050—from a 1990 baseline that is much lower than our current target’s 2005 reference year—we will need a fundamental shift across the whole economy.

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GreenPAC Endorses the Green 18

GreenPAC has endorsed the Green 18, 18 candidates with strong environmental track records in Canada’s 2015 federal election.

Candidates from six provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia) were endorsed, including representation from all major national parties: Conservatives (2), Liberals (6), NDP (7), and Greens (3).

“Environmental leadership needs to come from all parts of the political spectrum,” said Aaron Freeman, GreenPAC’s Founder and President.

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Green is the New White

I remember learning in grade school that white light is composed of all other colours of the spectrum, whereas every other colour is only a fragment of it. For most of my life, I have felt that the Canadian ‘green’ movement is much like the colour green, representing only a narrow demographic – nature-loving, socially conscious, engaged, intelligent, well-intentioned, privileged, white Canadians. It certainly didn’t represent most of the people in my world!

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