It’s Now Or Never

I VOTED!If you’ve been thinking about what you can do to help build multi-party environmental leadership in the British Columbia election, it’s now or never.

Election Day is May 9. It’s a tight race. Candidates and their teams are planning their strategies for the last days of the campaign.

Which means this is precisely the moment for you to make a difference.

Six Candidates. Three Parties. Six Days. GO.

Your dollars can go a long way. Look no farther than the last provincial election for proof.


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The Clock is Ticking: Here’s Your Moment to Build Environmental Leadership in the BC Election

VOTEBritish Columbia’s election campaign officially kicked off this Tuesday, and GreenPAC is right in the thick of it.

Endorsing six candidates across the province’s three major political parties was just the start.

Now we plan to spend the next four weeks delivering the support those candidates need most―including donations, campaign volunteers, and media outreach in the six ridings where they’re on the ballot.

If you’re anywhere in BC, it all starts completing our Candidate Matching Tool, to help you find the candidate who best matches your political values and your most important environmental concerns.

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New GreenPAC Video Accents the Environmental Leadership Canada Needs

GreenPAC - Building Environmental Leadership in Politics

With the official election period set to open in British Columbia next Tuesday, GreenPAC is out today with a fabulous new video that talks about the elected leadership Canada needs on environmental issues, and the plan we’ve put in place for getting it.

“Imagine Canada as a leader in environmental sustainability,” the video opens. “It would take strong leadership from all political parties working together to make this happen. Because the environment is not a one-party issue.”

“We haven’t achieved this kind of leadership yet,” continues the video script narrated by Royal Canadian Air Farce veteran Don Ferguson, who volunteered his time to help produce the nearly three-minute segment. “But we can.”

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Spring Cleaning Time: Four Ways to Get Ready for BC’s Provincial Election

The fixed deadlines in any campaign calendar make elections the ultimate seasonal activity. With the British Columbia election about to get under way, here are four steps you can take if you want to do some political spring cleaning and help shape provincial environment policy when voters go to the polls May 9.

1. Check out GreenPAC’s Candidate Matching Tool

GreenPAC’s Candidate Matching Tool is easy to use. You fill in your environmental interests and political preferences. Then the Matching Tool points you to one or more endorsed candidates who best fit your profile, so you can decide where to direct your dollars or volunteer time.

The information you share is confidential. It only takes a few minutes to complete the Matching Tool quiz. And it’ll help you have the impact you want before voters go to the polls May 9.

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GreenPAC Candidate Matching Tool Drives Support for BC Candidates

Climate change and energy.

Water pollution.

Fish and wildlife protection.

Land protection and green space.

Local and organic food production and food security.

Transportation and infrastructure.


If British Columbia had a legislature that put these issues front and centre, every day and in every decision, imagine how different the province’s policies would be.

GreenPAC is setting out today to build that future by endorsing six provincial election candidates, spanning all major parties represented in the provincial legislature. These candidates have demonstrated environmental leadership beyond campaign promises.

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Climate Change Should be a Non-Partisan Issue, says John Kerry

Another leading politician has spoken out about the non-partisan nature of climate change. 

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Wangari Maathai: Environmental Leader, Feminist and Role Model

I am only seeing one thing—that I am moving in the right direction.

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Joyce Murray: GreenPAC Endorsee Entered Politics to Address Climate Change

You don’t often meet elected officials whose political careers trace back to their research in climate science.

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Is Trudeau a Climate Leader? A Look into the National Carbon Price

We were promised an environmental leader when young Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, took over approximately one year ago. 

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The Catalyst for Female-Oriented Crisis Management: Zika?

The 21st century has seen its fair share of viral epidemics: SARS, the Avian Flu, Mad Cow Disease, Ebola crisis, to name a few. Outbreaks of perilous diseases are instantly plastered on the news so that we become hyper-aware of their dangers, often for good reason.

This year’s Zika virus hysteria is no exception.

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