Leadership Spotlight: Alliance for a Just Toronto to Diversify Climate Movement

This is the second blog in the Leadership Spotlight series showcasing environmental groups across Canada and the support they receive or lack from political leaders. The series will present a wide spectrum of views that do not necessarily reflect the views of GreenPAC.


In 2015, GreenPAC volunteer Devika Shah posted a blog called Green is the New White, writing that too often the environmental movement represents only a narrow demographic. She leads us through her experience working with nature-loving, privileged, white Canadians, and how many of these leaders, while well-intentioned, don’t understand how to make the movement more inclusive.


Enter Alliance for a Just Toronto (AJT), a new group of climate activists working to prioritize communities of colour, working class communities, and communities that are disproportionately affected by climate change.


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Leadership Spotlight: Urgency of Toxic Impacts Drives Keepers of the Athabasca

This is the first blog in the Leadership Spotlight series showcasing environmental groups across Canada and the support they receive or lack from political leaders. The series will present a wide spectrum of views that do not necessarily reflect the views of GreenPAC.

“Urgency” is the word Jule Asterisk uses to describe why the Keepers of the Athabasca came to be 10 years ago.

Urgency to address the cumulative impacts of environmental disasters.

Urgency to gain perspectives from and protect those closest to the land, and those who derive sustenance from the land.

Urgency to address the constant challenge of existing toxic sites and the creation of new hazards.

Urgency to protect the community and give people a voice in combatting further health threats and environmental destruction.

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This is GreenPAC’s Moment. And It Starts With You.

Sabrina Bowman is Executive Director of GreenPAC. In this post, she reflects on the ground the organization has covered in the last several months and the road ahead.

With two provincial elections so far this year and four more coming up from now into 2018, this is GreenPAC’s moment to reach out to the depth and breadth of the Canadian environmental community. And to the unusual suspects in other issue areas, from health care to resource management, whose goals can be advanced through an environmental lens.

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It’s British Columbia’s Moment to Deliver Environmental Wins Across Party Lines

Joseph Pallant is Manager of Brinkman Climate in Vancouver, and served on the GreenPAC Expert Panel that recommended six candidate endorsements in the British Columbia election May 9. In a GreenPAC interview the day after the new BC government took office, he reflected on the election result, the transfer of power, and the implications for environmental leadership in elected office.

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How-To Guide: Planting a Shrub

As a part of GreenPAC’s #150Trees campaign, we are encouraging our supporters to plant as many trees and shrubs as they can this summer. One easy way to do this is to join a community stewardship event. Another easy way to do this is to do it yourself! Here is your How-To Guide for planting shrubs independently.

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#150Trees - Planting for the Future

A remembrance of the past should always come with an eye looking towards the future. What have we done well that we should repeat? What have we done wrong that we can correct moving forward? With all of the buzz around Canada 150, the staff at GreenPAC have given these questions some deep thought in hopes of creating a meaningful initiative that reflects on the past and looks towards the future.

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An Environmental Lens is the Missing Ingredient

You know there’s a disconnect in a province’s politics when health care is one of the lead policy priorities in an election campaign, but one of the big-ticket items on the agenda is a new coal mine.


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Changing the Balance of Power

It’ll be a couple of weeks before the results of the British Columbia election are confirmed. But in the hours after the polls closed in the provincial election, the balance of power appears to be shifting in a way that goes beyond the seat count in the provincial legislature.

When the votes were counted, the province was looking at its first minority government since 1952, with GreenPAC endorsee and veteran climate scientist Andrew Weaver (Green, Oak Bay-Gordon Head) holding the balance of power with three seats. But even that doesn’t tell the whole story.

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It’s Now Or Never

I VOTED!If you’ve been thinking about what you can do to help build multi-party environmental leadership in the British Columbia election, it’s now or never.

Election Day is May 9. It’s a tight race. Candidates and their teams are planning their strategies for the last days of the campaign.

Which means this is precisely the moment for you to make a difference.

Six Candidates. Three Parties. Six Days. GO.

Your dollars can go a long way. Look no farther than the last provincial election for proof.


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The Clock is Ticking: Here’s Your Moment to Build Environmental Leadership in the BC Election

VOTEBritish Columbia’s election campaign officially kicked off this Tuesday, and GreenPAC is right in the thick of it.

Endorsing six candidates across the province’s three major political parties was just the start.

Now we plan to spend the next four weeks delivering the support those candidates need most―including donations, campaign volunteers, and media outreach in the six ridings where they’re on the ballot.

If you’re anywhere in BC, it all starts completing our Candidate Matching Tool, to help you find the candidate who best matches your political values and your most important environmental concerns.

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