It’s Official. Campaigns Matter.

With Ontario’s election officially under way, CBC is out with a curtain-raiser on the four-week campaign that sums up GreenPAC’s reason for being in one succinct phrase:

The campaign will matter.

The news report isn’t about environmental priorities in the election, or environmental leadership at Queen’s Park. But it points toward a key opportunity for GreenPAC supporters over the next four weeks: Whatever your political persuasion, with nearly half of Ontario voters still undecided about who they’ll support on Election Day, the next 24 days are a prime opportunity to find the candidate you most want to support, step up for their campaign, and advance the environmental values we hold in common.

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Ontario’s at the Starting Gate. GreenPAC is Ready.

With the official election period in Ontario set to begin in less than a week, it’s exciting to realize that GreenPAC is better prepared for the campaign than we’ve ever been before.

We issued our seven candidate endorsements earlier than in previous campaigns.

Hundreds of people across the province have already filled out our Candidate Matching Tool (here’s why you should, too), and many of them have pledged donations to the candidates of their choice.

We’re connecting more active volunteers with our endorsed campaigns.

We’re making better, more strategic use of phone, email, and social media to help our supporters find and connect with the endorsed candidates who match up with their own environmental priorities and political values.

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Your Turn to Help Shape the Next Ontario Legislature

In less time than it takes you to read this blog post, you can take the first step in helping to shape the next Ontario legislature, and the role environmental champions will play in setting provincial policy.

We’re still nearly two months away from the provincial election, and there’ll be a lot more to do between now and then. But the first step is really, really easy.

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7 Ways to Make a Difference: GreenPAC Announces Endorsements for Ontario Election

The Ontario election is just two months away. And today, with the release of our seven endorsements in the provincial campaign, GreenPAC is offering seven ways for you to make a difference in one of the most consequential elections in recent Canadian history.

We’ve endorsed four sitting MPPs and three newcomers across all four major parties—three Liberals, one Progressive Conservative, two New Democrats, and one Green.

Each of our endorsees has an outstanding record of environmental and wider community leadership.

They’ve all shown an ability to work across partisan lines and builder bigger, wider coalitions to get things done.

Now it’s up to you help get them elected.

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Use Our Candidate Matching Tool to Bring Evidence to Environmental Decisions

One of the simplest, most powerful requests any environmental advocate can ever make of an elected representative is to fearlessly follow the evidence wherever it takes them.

For several years in Ottawa, scientists would joke bitterly about how an earlier federal focus on “evidence-based policy-making” had been replaced by “policy-based evidence-making”. You’ll get mixed reviews these days on where the federal government stands on that scale. But with some key provincial elections on the calendar for this year, the real opportunity to bring strong environmental advocates to elected office will unfold in Ontario, New Brunswick, and Quebec.

The first of those three votes, where GreenPAC is devoting the most time and resources, takes place in Ontario June 7. And later this month, once we’ve released our campaign endorsements, you’ll be just a couple of clicks away from a simple, effective tool to promote an evidence-based approach to government. Our Candidate Matching Tool is your key to finding the provincial candidate who best aligns with your own environmental and political values.

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Gearing Up for Our Next Campaign

With the Ontario provincial election coming up fast, GreenPAC is gearing up for one of its most ambitious campaigns ever.

As a small but mighty non-profit with a big, ambitious mandate, GreenPAC has the resources to participate in one election per year. This year, we’re focusing our attention on a province that has been at the forefront of many of the country’s biggest, most contentious environmental issues—from climate change and energy, to toxics pollution and public health, to endangered species and protected areas.

And as the province gets ready to go to the polls June 7, we’ll be doing what we always do: Identifying environmental leaders running for all the major parties, endorsing a select group of candidates across the political spectrum, and encouraging our supporters to donate money and time to help those candidates win.

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When Minister Heyman Met Dr. Weaver: How Environmental Leadership Changes the Conversation

There’s a strong strand of opinion in the wider environmental community that building a just, sustainable world is about more than the laws and decisions we make (though it’s certainly that, too). It’s also about how we listen and communicate, and how we treat each other, especially when we disagree.

It’s a great viewpoint. And it’s a far cry from the bombastic, misleading rhetoric that too often passes for policy debate in much of North America.

But in British Columbia late last month, we saw an interesting and important development: two GreenPAC endorsees, each holding a senior position in the same provincial government, talking across party lines to try to resolve their differences on an issue of crucial importance to the province, the country, and the world.

They didn’t get it settled in one conversation. The discussion will continue. But the tone so far has been...refreshingly constructive.

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In Case You Missed It: Why 2018 is the Year to Choose Hope

Earlier this month, GreenPAC Executive Director Sabrina Bowman sent out a recap video for 2017, chronicling our progress together last year and explaining why she’s choosing hope as her guidepost for 2018. Here it is again, in case you missed it.

I made my New Year’s resolution in December. No, it wasn't “clean the house more often” or “eat fewer cookies”.

Despite experiencing a year of much political inaction on the environment, when we’ve been overrun with bad news about the state of the planet, I resolved to choose hope.

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It’s Working: MPs’ Actions Show Impact of GreenPAC Endorsements

When GreenPAC formed in 2015, our fondest hope—and a key measure of our success—was that the elected officials we endorsed from all parties would actively promote strong environmental policies after they took office.

As the federal Parliament moves past the half-way point in its mandate, that leadership is beginning to hit critical mass. The country’s precious natural environment could be the big winner.

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Guilbeault : « Cette mobilisation citoyenne est très importante »

Équiterre est l’un des principaux organismes voués à la protection de l'environnement au Canada. Il s’agit de la concrétisation du rêve de jeunes universitaires passionnés d’environnement, à leur retour de la conférence de Rio il y a 25 ans. Nous avons interviewé l’un des cofondateurs, Steven Guilbeault, qui est maintenant porte-parole et directeur principal depuis 10 ans de cet organisme établi à Québec, Montréal et Ottawa et fort de 140 000 membres et sympathisants au Québec et aussi à l’extérieur de cette province.

Steven, qui a aussi travaillé pendant dix ans à Greenpeace, a toujours été près d’Équiterre. Il y consacre la majorité de son temps aux politiques publiques entourant la lutte contre les changements climatiques, les transports durables et les questions énergétiques. Il a notamment participé en 1995 à la première conférence des Nations Unies sur les changements climatiques, la COP 1.

Équiterre a joué un rôle de premier plan dans l’adoption de la taxe sur le carbone et du premier Plan d’action du Québec pour la lutte contre les changements climatiques. Cet organisme est aussi membre fondateur de Switch, l’Alliance pour une économie verte au Québec.

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