Arthur Potts

Party: Liberal


Riding: Beaches - East York


City: Toronto


Province: Ontario


Arthur Potts worked in clean energy and waste reduction for 30 years before he was elected to the Ontario legislature in 2014. He cofounded a wood waste recycling business in 1989, and led a bio-waste treatment and diversion company from 2008 to 2013, diverting more than 75% of mixed municipal waste from landfills while recovering clean water, recyclables, and climate-busting methane. As an MPP, he served as Parliamentary Assistant to the ministers of environment, transportation, and agriculture, food, and rural affairs, supported Ontario’s carbon cap-and-trade program, and worked with community partners to open a pollinator-friendly food demonstration garden beside his constituency office.

Full Environmental History

1989 - Co-founder of Woodwaste Solutions, which recycles wood into usable end products.

1994-2014 - Owner of Municipal Affairs Consulting, where he worked closely with municipal representatives across the province to address concerns about recycling and sustainability. In this role he assisted with the deposit return system for liquor and wine bottles, as well as help expand the scope of waste paper fibre in recycling. 

2008-2013 - President of BioWaste Treatment Technologies, where he helped divert upwards of 75% of mixed municipal waste from landfills while recovering clean water, recyclables and methane gas for energy.

2014-present - Liberal MPP for Beaches - East York, where he serves as Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Environment and Minister of Transportation and accomplished the following: 

  • Launched petition in support of Ontario’s cap and trade strategy, as well as organized panel discussions on the topic.
  • Worked with community partners and City of Toronto to green the space beside his constituency office for pollinators and as a food demonstration garden.
  • Facilitated partnership with Toronto Hydro to build an innovative energy storage system that will provide back-up power to the Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit (LRT) line, lowering operating costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Led the development of new incentives for Ontarians to switch to electric vehicles 
  • Played a large role in changing the replacement of the Wolfe and Amherst Island Ferries from a diesel-powered project to one focused on electric-powered boats 

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