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Hometown /


Based In / 

Montreal, Quebec

Areas of Expertise /

● Urban Planning for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

● Public Speaking

● Climate Movement Equity Challenges


I've been lucky enough to work in the mayor's office of the most populous borough of Montreal since January 2022. This is a particularly interesting position since the borough lacks initiatives to work on the ecological transition our cities need but it’s also one of the most socioeconomically challenged neighborhoods meaning you have to work on projects in a way that makes sure it won’t hurt local populations. Being a Mayor from Projet Montreal, there is support from the central city and a vision that fits my principles.

I’ve also been looking for avenues to do more education around environmental issues and possible solutions since I’ve seen that people don’t have the time to learn about these things.


After my internship I joined a community based organization in June 2021 to work on a big eco neighbourhood development as a coordinator between the city planners and local groups looking to be heard regarding their priorities for such a development.

I also ran for the position of Vice President Francophone of the Green Party of Canada. I was elected in July 2021 and ran in the 2021 federal elections. I was lucky enough to be part of the global Young Greens Delegation that went to Glasgow for COP26. In January 2022, I started working for the Mayor of the borough in Montreal where the eco neighbourhood is being planned. I have also done a few conferences for courses at the University of Montreal about the governance of climate change.


It’s hard for me to pinpoint a moment. Because of covid, the few times where I was in the office were obviously some of the highlights. The whole experience was positive and changed my outlook on the complexities of the challenge we face. I enjoyed working on following committees work and it was gratifying to follow a few specific files from up close and help my MP better understand the ins and out, especially when it was tapping into my scientific background.

Having my MP make a few critical amendments to a bill was also one of the great highlights. It made me appreciate how much work happens behind the politicians we see and the numerous opportunities that exist to play an active role in making change happen.

The biggest highlight though is probably the amazing people I met and that I’m still in touch with.


The internship helped me understand how politics works from the inside. What the processes are to put things in place, the checks and balances that exist (or lack thereof). I learned a ton about interacting with constituants, with lobbyists and with public servants.

Another important learning experience is how to best prepare your elected officials for events, interviews or meetings by looking for the right information and how to present it.

I think some others things I learned are more on the soft skills side of things which is often overlooked.

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