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Gord Johns is a longtime green entrepreneur and founding member of the Victoria-based Green Collective, a group of locally-owned and operated businesses focused on sustainable products. He ran his own natural clothing store, Ecoeverything, and a bike rental business for over 10 years. When he was elected as a council member in Tofino in 2008, Johns helped develop hiking and cycling trail networks in the area, improve tsunami readiness along Tofino’s shorelines and found and organize Tofino Earth Week.

Elected MP in 2015, Johns has served as Vice Chair of the Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans and as a member of the All-Party Climate Caucus. His motion M-151 to create a national strategy on marine plastics received unanimous support from all parties and led to the government’s decision to ban single-use plastics by 2021. He also introduced C-312, a bill to adopt a national cycling strategy, and M-245, a motion that would tackle seafood fraud and mislabelling in Canada.

Gord Johns

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