George Heyman

Party: NDP


Riding: Vancouver-Fairview


City: Vancouver


Province: British Columbia

From 2009-2012, Heyman served as the executive director of Sierra Club BC. In this role he was the primary spokesperson for the conservation of species and habitat, sustainable energy and industry practices, and forest management, among others.

Prior to entering politics, Heyman was the president of the BC Government and Service Employees’ Union from 1999-2008. In this role, he:

  • Chaired the union’s first environment committee;

  • Supported environmental scans of the union’s operations and implemented measures to lessen the footprint;

  • Helped start a labour-environmental organization alliance to promote awareness and action on climate change issues.

 As an MLA, Heyman frequently focused on addressing environmental issues such as:

  • Ensuring the LNG industry meets environmental standards and fit within the limits of a hard-target climate action plan (40% below 2007 by 2030, and 80% below by 2050);

  • Supporting a carbon tax that rebates to low and middle income residents, and invests in clean tech and transit;

  • Supporting an aggressive energy conservation plan coupled with support for renewable energy.

Heyman is a long-time supporter of environmental groups such as Wilderness Committee, Ecojustice and BEST. He has received endorsements from high-profile environmentalists including Tzeporah Berman, Gwen Barlee and Rex Weyler. He is currently the Opposition Spokesperson for Environment, Green Economy and Technology.

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