Andrew Weaver

Party: Green,

Riding: Oak Bay - Gordon Head,

City: Victoria,

Province: British Columbia

As a former researcher and professor in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Weaver has had a long career as a climate scientist. For years he made valuable contributions to the field including:

  • Serving as lead author on 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC);

  • Authoring and coauthoring more than 200 peer-reviewed, scientific papers in climate, meteorology, oceanography, earth science, policy, education and anthropology journals;

  • Acting as Chief Editor of the Journal of Climate from 2005-2009;

  • Serving as Research Chair in Climate Modelling and Analysis in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Victoria;

  • Sitting on the Capital Regional District (CRD) Roundtable on the Environment;

  • Acting as a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, the American Geophysical Union the American Meteorological Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science;

  • Publishing two books related to climate change: Keeping our Cool: Canada in a Warming World (2008), and Generation Us: The Challenge of Global Warming (2011).

Over the years he has received numerous awards including the E.W.R. NSERC Steacie Fellowship in 1997, the CIAR Young Explorers award as one of the top 20 scientists in Canada under the age of 40 in 2002, and the A.G. Huntsman Award for Excellence in Marine Science in 2011.

As an MLA, Weaver introduced many environment bills including Bill M 225: the Endangered Species Act (2017); Bill M219: the Recall and Initiative Amendment Act (2017), which would give British Columbians a stronger voice on how oil pipeline proposals are evaluated in the province; and Bill M206: the Rideshare Enabling Act (2017), among others.

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